Real Life Ready Training



Whats so special about this scheme compared with other courses ?

This course is different as after we have learnt the exercises we proof them in the real world.

We will visit bus stations, Cafe's, Pubs, fields, shops, in fact anywhere you go.

The result of this is a Dog that’s almost bulletproof.


The training will consist of 


  • Walk on a loose lead in the above places,

  • learn to relax and settle in a busy environment,

  • Keep  focus on you and ignore distractions,

  • Boost confidence and relaxation in both dogs and owners,

  • improves the bond between dog and owner.

  • General good manners


The course will be a 1-1.5 hrs session for 6 weeks and the cost will be £90



This is not an easy course and will take a lot of commitment- Are you ready to take the challenge ??



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