Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs ?, Cars ?, People ?

Do you feel embarrassed walking out with them ?

Are they perfect angels in the house but outside they become demons ?

Do you walk your dog at odd times to avoid meeting dogs / people ?


If you answer yes to any of the above question contact me today

 Your dog is probably suffering from a reactivity issue. Reactivity is an emotional response due to a number of reasons such as previous bad experiences, lack of socialisation, fear, its not a lack of obedience or your dog trying to embarrass you, its them trying to tell you they are uncomfortable and exposing you to flight or fight response.

 Some trainers or owners will try and force the dog to sit and wait till the thing passes, this can make things worse..can you imagine being put in the middle of a bar fight and asked to do maths .

Using gentle and fun methods we will improve the relationship you have with your dog, help them to trust you and build focus and calmness into their world.


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