Cameron Canines will take you on a scent journey like no other. You will learn skills in scent detection, Tracking, Trailing, Searching of open spaces, indoor environments, objects, vehicles and people with a goal of taking part in a role play scenario!

The skills learned will positively impact your canines behaviour, enrich their mind equip you with skills suitable for competitions, but above all else strengthen your partnership working.

Scent work is PRICELESS in stimulating dogs recovering from physical injuries and restricted mobility, giving them a purpose when long walks are impossible

Only ONE dog is worked at any time, so is a fun and safe learning environment for nervous, anxious or reactive dogs.

The classes are suitable for ANY breed, any age from puppy to golden oldie and those with reduced mobility (both dog and handler)

Training is held in both groups (maximum of 4) and one to ones both in hour long sessions or three hour workshops.


So come and have a go at what your dog does best ….. SNIFFING !


Bailey Searching Bronte Searching